Styled To Sell

Styled To Sell

You’ve made the big decision to sell your home and by now, you’ve probably already been through to view a few homes looking to purchase.

While the process can be a little daunting, particularly if you aren’t really ready to pack up and move, there are some tricks to making it all smoother. The key really comes down to disconnecting from your home and styling to the market so it no longer feels like your home.

The modern day market is full of buyers who want a home they can ‘see’ themselves living in. They want to see a fresh space ready to move in. They want to see a home that they can imagine entertaining in. A home that they can watch their kids grow up in. A home that they will cook Sunday night roasts in. The key to empowering their vision is smart styling.

Your Real Estate Agent or the Agency will often have a dedicated Property Stylist who can transform your home into a showpiece ready to sell.

The Stylist will know your buyer. They will know the market and the area enough to be able to target the whole design to what will get you those top end offers. While the idea of hiring a stylist can sometimes seem a little extreme, it’s worth investing in.

The current figures show that by engaging a stylist your return on investment is 3 x greater than the fees you pay to them. The end result has been an increase of up to $10,000 per offer on homes once they have been styled versus homes that haven’t been touched at all.

A stylist is also a great way to disconnect yourself from the property if you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of moving.

By removing a majority of your belongings and any personal arts and photos hung around the house, you’ve just changed everything you once knew. Styling is a great step in property sales to help you, the vendor detach yourself from what was once your home.

Having your property styled and staged will ensure you have beautiful images for your marketing campaign which can really nudge you ahead of other homes on the market. It can even bump your home into the next price range simply by knowing what the buyers are looking for and giving it to them.

How can a Stylist help sell your property?

A designer will walk through your home and give you key aspects of things that should be dressed or re-painted to appeal to a wider audience. They can help you distract the eye from problems you’ve hated living with so the new buyer isn’t walking in and focusing on that.

They can help you highlight the assets of the home, they key features that can then in turn become the focus of your marketing campaign with your agent. Their skills will really help get offers over the line and allow you piece of mind that offers coming through will be solid offers.

The perk to having a stylist is that they will carefully layout the space, they will pay attention to the detail and make sure that every room tells a story. It will give the home a sense of purpose, an ambience and a cohesive flow from the moment your buyer walks in.

If you decide you don’t need a stylist, give yourself a time frame and see what offers come in.

It may be then worth re-assessing, particularly if you need to be moving the progress along a little quicker. You will also need to ensure that your agent can book a new photographer and update your marketing campaign which may incur additional agency fees for the extra work. You may find this is where the old saying ‘hindsight is a beautiful thing’ will come in handy and you will wish that you just hired the stylist the moment you put the house on the market.

If you have a great agent with a great agency, you can be sure that they have your best interest in mind and that they want to see you have substantial offers. Let them guide you to ensure you are both working together to get them.

A well throughout interior will really have a lasting impact on a potential buyer.

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